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Sensors and Devices

  Sensors cloud

The Challenges

The drive for convenience and cost-effectiveness drives research in sensors and devices. Whether it be smaller and lighter technologies, less-invasive medical procedures, or improving devices for sensing and communication, this is a fast-paced area of research.

Our Research

The work in sensors takes place within four main laboratories, and consists of cutting-edge research for use in many application areas, ranging from biomedical imaging and diagnosis through to gas sensing and materials inspection. This wide range of applications arises from the unique sensors and imaging systems that the four laboratories have developed. Central to this activity is the ability to design signals and image processing approaches that enable sensors to make measurements more reliably.

Our Laboratories

This group is developing a wide range of new technologies and includes several laboratories:

The Sensors and Devices Group is part of the Electrical and Electronic Stream.

Academic Staff

Prof. Tim Ashley

Dr Duncan Billson

Prof. Marina Cole

Prof James Covington

Prof. Julian Gardner

Prof. Phytos Neophytou

Dr Hatef Sadeghi