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WOLF - Enose

As part of the activities of the BSL, the team are developing a new range of electronic nose/gas analysers based on a range of different in-house and commercial gas sensor technologies. The WOLF (or Warwick OLFaction) electronic noses are the latest of these. Importantly, as these instruments are designed and developed in-house, it allows a high level of freedom allowing the instruments to be tailored to a specific application. Currently there are 4 different series of these electronic noses, some of these are discussed below.

WOLF 4.1 Analyser

wolf.jpgThe WOLF 4.1 Analyser is a fully integrated electronic nose, containing:

  • 4 Series - Desktop electronic nose
  • Array of Electrochemical and Optical gas sensors
  • Fully integrated control and drive electronics
  • Environmental control hardware
  • Integrated flow control
  • Custom software interface written in National Instrumnts LabVIEW
  • Easy to use and simple graphical interface
  • Exports to common software analysis platforms

This instrument is already in use for both medical and agricultural applications.

WOLF 3.1 & 3.2 Analysers

WOLF 3.1

The WOLF 3.1 & 3.2 Analysers are small more portable systems that can be taken to site, but are still main powered. The WOLF 3.1 system is fitted with a GC-metal oxide detection system, where pre-seperation occurs in the GC column, followed by chemical interogation using an array of metal oxide sensors. It is fitted with a fully integrated fluidic system, touch screen interface and real-time display.

The WOLF 3.2 is still in development, but uses optical gas sensor apporaches to indentify breath based bio-markers of inflammation. We expect the system to be ready in late 2016.