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The table below shows the times recorded during the viscosity measurements for the materials tested. Unless otherwise specified, the measurements are based on an average from five readings.


Material t (s) [Ave.] viscosity (Pa.s)
Water 32.46
Ink 110.38
The viscocity is standard for water at 20°C
R11 N/A 0.80640
(Based on information from manufacturer)
Sugar - White (40tsp)
281.05   (Based on two readings only)
Sugar - Brown (20tsp)
Sugar - Brown (25tsp)
Sugar - Brown (30tsp) 67.98   This is NOT an error in calculation!
Sugar - Brown (35tsp) 67.88   This is NOT an error in calculation! 
Sugar - Brown (48tsp) 106.80    
Sugar - Brown (50tsp) 110.84   This is almost the same viscocity as the ink which is used in the cartriges


The full Excel speardsheet with the recodings for the experiments is found here.