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Current research projects



LoT-NET is a five-year programme grant to investigate how waste heat can be recovered, used and incorporated in smart, thermal and electrical energy systems.


We are integrating an electric heat pump with a thermochemical absorption thermal store, creating a more efficient way to heat our homes.


BEIS Low Carbon Heating Technology: Adsorption Gas Heat Pump

Warwick is developing ‘the next generation’ of the common domestic gas boiler that will use over one third less gas than a normal domestic boiler.


We are developing more efficient low-carbon technologies for low-temperature heat recovery, storage and upgrade and modelling their performance within complex energy networks.


Thermal Energy Research Accelerator (T-ERA)

Warwick is part of the Energy Research Accelerator, a multimillion pound research hub building on the expertise of six midlands universities.

Mission Innovation: Sorption Heat Pump

We are investigating and developing low cost heat-powered heat pumps based on sorption technology as part of Mission Innovation's Challenge 7: Affordable Heating and Cooling of Buildings.

Past Research Projects



We led one of six End Use Energy Demand centres, created to lead the UK government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050.



Warwick led the development of a range of heat pump, storage and control technologies that can deliver energy efficient affordable hot water.


DECC tender: Research to support the International Energy Agency (IEA) Annex on Gas Driven Heat Pumps

A DECC contracted project to report on the effects and implications of operating heat pumps within a smart grid system.