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Dye Tracing Seminar

Following the successful Dye Tracing Seminar(PDF Document) by RSAqua and the Warwick Water research group on the 17th April 2008 we are able to offer to download the presentations made at the event. Please click on the link at the end of each title to download that presentation (an indication of the file size is also provided). All content of the presentations remains the property of the author and can only be reproduced with specific approval.


Practical Experiences of Commercial Coastal Dye Tracing Surveys - Robin Newman, EMU Environmental Ltd (Download(PDF Document) - 0.5Mb)


Calibrating Mathematical Models Using Dye Tracer Data: A Users Perspective - Paul Taylor, Metoc Plc (Download(PDF Document) - 0.3Mb)


Mixing in the Nearshore Zone - Dr Jonathan Pearson, University of Warwick (Download(PDF Document) - 1.7Mb)


Flow Surveys in Sewer Networks and at WwTW - Dr John Grimm, Anglian Water Services Ltd (Download(PDF Document) - 0.4Mb)


Using Dye Tracing Techniques to Validate CFD Models of Urban Drainage Structures - Dr Virginia Stovin, University of Sheffield (Download(PDF Document) - 0.9Mb)


Chasing LAS in Laos: Parameterising a Risk Assessment Methodology for Direct Discharge Scenarios - Dr Mick Whelan, Cranfield University (Download(PDF Document) - 0.7Mb)


Wetlands and Ponds: Studies on Flow Patterns and Solute Transport - Dr Klaus Richter, University of Warwick (Download(PDF Document) - 0.4Mb)


Solute and Particle Tracing: River/Estuarine/Wetlands - Dr Kevin Black, Partrac Ltd (Download(PDF Document) - 0.5Mb)


River Mixing Studies - Dr Ian Guymer, University of Warwick (Download(PDF Document) - 0.9Mb)


Hidden Value in Tracer Experiments for ADE Model Calibration - Dr Steve Wallis, Heriot-Watt University (Download(PDF Document) - 0.3Mb)