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Completed PhD projects

Dutton, R. Assessing Hyporheic Exchange Processes
Saiyudthong, C. Effect of Flow Direction on Manhole Dispersion
Shepherd, W. J. Solute Mixing in CSO Structures
Jubb, S. L. The Effect of Sediment Resuspension on River Water Quality
Chester, M. A. The Relationship Between the Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Suspended Sediments in the Tidal River Ouse
Shaw, D. A. The Effect of Suspended Sediment Concentration on the Mixing of Neutrally Buoyant Aqueous Phase Tracers in Open Channel Flows
Boxall, J. B. Dispersion of Solutes in Sinuous Open Channel Flows
Dennis, P. Longitudinal Dispersion due to Surcharged Manholes
O’Brien, R. T. Dispersion due to Surcharged Manholes
Potter, R. Solute Mixing in Triangular Channels
Hulme, P. R. Effects of Intermittent Storm Discharges on River Water Quality
Spence, K. J. Investigation of Flowslides from the Failure of Mine Tailings’ Dams
Richter, K. M.
Constructed Wetlands for the Treatment of Airport De-icer(PDF Document)
Tiev, V.
Hydraulic Retention Time of a Pond with Different Vegetations and Discharges
Jones, A.
Dispersion in Manholes Experiencing Time-Varying Flows
Chandler, I.
Chemical Exchanges between the Water Column and Fixed Bed Sediments in Freshwater