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Programme for Term 3 2017-18
Friday 27th April

Dr Peter Gammon: ‘An introduction to silicon carbide power device research in the School of Engineering’. (Abstract) (Presentation slides)

Prof. Wanda Lewis: 'Form finding design'. (Abstract) (Presentation slides)

Friday 11th May

Prof. Declan Bates: 'Computational simulation of patients with respiratory disease - what is it good for?'. (Abstract) (Presentation slides)

Prof. Peter Thomas: 'Sharks, bullets, eddy decay and other things'. (Abstract)

Friday 25th May

Dr Stana Zivanovic: 'Humans and Lively Slender Structures'. (Abstract) (Presentation)

Dr. James Kermode: 'Atomic-scale modelling of fracture: from stress corrosion cracking to catastrophic brittle fracture'. (Abstract) (Presentation)

Friday 8th June

Prof. Jihong Wang: 'EPSRC funded project IMAGES'. (Abstract) (Presentation)

Dr. Stan Shire: 'Thermal transformers, harvesting and storing medium temperature heat'. (Abstract) (Presentation)