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All good things arrive unto them that wait (Mark Twain)* Or a review of the spin-out company known as Warwick Acoustics

This talk is a continuation of the talk given to the School of Engineering “away day” a decade ago; at that time the company was a mere 8 years old.

The talk will start with the foundation and history of the company, and will describe its original acoustic technology. It will then go on to explain the developments in WA’s loudspeaker technology, and how these innovations have affected its current business model – including its headphone and its automotive business.

The talk will include observations relating to the relationship between spin-out companies, the University, and venture-capital funders, and will (hopefully) give anyone with a wish to start a spin-out company an insight into some of the trials and tribulations of undertaking such a venture. The talk will conclude with an opportunity to purchase WA’s Aperio headphones with a £5 discount – limit of 1 per staff member.


*Full quote is “All good things arrive unto them that wait - and don't die in the meantime”. (Mark Twain)