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Dr K Mao

The High Performance Polymer Composite Gears in Electrical Vehicles

Polymer gears have unique advantages over metal gears: low cost and weight, high efficiency, quietness of operation, functioning without external lubrication, etc. For example, 70% reduction in mass, 80% reduction in inertia and up to 9% consumption reduction have been reported using polymer gears instead of metal gears in automotive engineering. Polymer machine elements will enable key developments in low-cost and energy efficient personal transport for the world’s emerging economies (e.g. electrical vehicles). The research will focus on polymer composite gear failure mechanisms, especially the research will combine material science, chemistry and manufacture process control to improve the gear performance. The candidates with polymer composite material science backgrounds are preferred.

Tyre Dynamic Contact Analysis

The main objective of the project is to simulate aircraft tyre dynamic contact behaviour. The non-linear FEM (Abaqus) will be employed to carry out the research. The tyre will be simulated under internal pressure first and then its foot print will be evaluated. The next step will be to investigate the slip, brake and acceleration effects on the tyre contact behaviour, i.e. dynamic responses. The stress distributions will be used to understand the tyre contact fatigue and improve the design.

It may be noted that the fibre reinforcement will be considered, i.e. the fibre imbedded with the rubber and its orientation will be also included in the research work. Also the tyre visco-elastic behaviour will be considered. The output of the research will provide fundamental information for aircraft tyre designers.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the above, please contact Dr Ken Mao.

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