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Contracts & Grants



Current Research Grants and Contracts




October 2007

12 months

“Mathematical and experimental approach to investigate turbulence and its effects on solute transport processes in the nearshore region” - University of Warwick: Institute of Advanced Study





November 2007

42 months

“Improving our understanding of chemical exchange between the water column and fixed bed sediments in freshwaters” EPSRC CASE (CNA) AWARD / Unilever SEAC £87,000




Previous Research Grants and Contracts



July 2003

6 months


‘Hydrodynamics and Pollutant Dispersion due to Combined Waves and Currents in the Nearshore Zone’ – DHI, Denmark European Commission - Improving Human Potential Programme c.€120,000



Feb 2001

6 months


‘Violent Breaking and Overtopping by Waves at Seawalls and Breakwaters (Big-VOWS)’ – UPC Barcelona European Commission - Trans-national Access to Major Research Infrastructure c.£90,000



January 1997

6 months


‘Vertical Solute Mixing Under Waves’ – Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands - European Commission - Human Capital and Mobility Programme. £3,300