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Dr Roger Moss

MA (Cantab) DPhil (Oxon) PGCE CEng FIMechE

Research Fellow, Sustainable Energy Group.

Module leader, ES3C3 (2014-15 & 2015-16)

Office D100 024 765 73447
Mobile   07854 675742



(1) Simulation of an ammonia/salt resorption heat pump.

An EPSRC-funded project as part of Mission Innovation Challenge #7. Paper . 8000 lines of Matlab code.

A schematic diagram of a resorption heat pump.

Cycle diagram

Coefficient of performance and output power curves.

(2) Optimisation of domestic hot water systems

Delay in hot water arriving at taps

Time history of water temperature along the pipe, after flow starts

(3) A thermal cycling rig to evaluate the long-term suitability of salts for ammonia absorption cycles.

Cycling rig in Fusion 360.

(4) Development of an evacuated solar thermal collector (2013-18)

This EPSRC-funded project was organised by Dr Stan Shire in collaboration with the Universities of Loughborough and Ulster.

A number of solar collectors have been built and tested under a solar simulator.

The first evacuated flat plate collector Testing

The efficiency increases significantly when the enclosure is evacuated to a pressure below 0.1 Pa.

Efficiency summary graph

(5) An off-grid micro-hydro system (personal project)

Water extraction system

Turbine hut


Group project supervision 2018-19

Design, build and test components for a micro-hydro system

6 students worked on 3 areas: a spear valve, power electronics and control system.

Spear valve components Spear valve test

Spear valve components prior to welding by the Coventry Building and Welding Academy (CBWA); spear valve on test

Module leader for Planar Structures 2014-16

Strength of materials, pressure vessels, rotating disks, structural analysis, dynamic forces and engine balancing.

RWM Matlab app for teaching rotating phasor concepts


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Patents, Thesis and Reports

  • Coney, M.H., Richardson, D.A. and Moss, R.W., Internal Cooling Air Control. UK patent GB2165315 granted 31st December 1987; subsequently patented in Germany, France and the USA as DE3534905, FR2571428 and US4604031.
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Resources for students:

Matlab for projects and assignments: a brief guide.

User guide for my engine balancing applet.