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Dr Volkan Degirmenci - Publications



Liu P., Degirmenci V., Hensen E. J. M “Unraveling the Synergy between Chromium-Hydrotalcites and Gold Nanoparticles in Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols”, Journal of Catalysis 313 (2014) 80-91. >>Link>>


Degirmenci V., Hensen E. J. M. “Development of a heterogeneous catalyst for lignocellulosic biomass conversion: Glucose dehydration by metal chlorides in a silica-supported ionic liquid layer” Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy 33 (2014) 657-662. >>Link>>


Wu L., Magusin P. C.M.M., Degirmenci V., Li M., Almutairi S. M.T., Zhu X., Mezari B., Hensen E. J.M., “Acidic properties of nanolayered ZSM-5 zeolite”,Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 189 (2014) 144–157. >>Link>>


Chatterjee S., Degirmenci V., Aiouache F., Rebrov E.V. “Design of a radio frequency heated isothermal micro trickle bed reactor”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 243 (2014) 225-233. >>Link>>


Pal A., Voudouris P., Koenigs M. M. E., Besenius P., Wyss H. M., Degirmenci V., Sijbesma R. P. “Topochemical polymerization in self-assembled rodlike micelles of bisurea bolaamphiphiles” Soft Matter, 10 (2014) 952-956. >>Link>>



Gao P., Hua X., Degirmenci V., Rooney D., Khraisheh M., Pollard R., Bowman R. M., Rebrov E. V., “Structural and magnetic properties of Ni1−xZnxFe2O4 (x=0, 0.5 and 1) nanopowders prepared by sol–gel method”, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 348 (2013) 44-50. >>Link>>


Lukawska A., Jagoo Z., Kozlowski G., Turgut Z., Kosai H., Sheets A., Bixel T., Wheatley A., Abdulkin P., Knappett B., Houlding T., Degirmenci V. “AC Magnetic Heating of Superparamagnetic Fe and Co Nanoparticles”, Defect and Diffusion Forum, 336 (2013) 159-167.>>Link>>


Song W. , Jansen A. P. J. , Degirmenci V. , Ligthart D. A. J. M., Hensen, E. J. M. “A computational study of the mechanism of CO oxidation by a ceria supported surface rhodium oxide layer”, Chemical Communications, 49 (2013) 3851-3853.>>Link>>


Koekkoek A.J.J, Kim W., Degirmenci V., Xin H., Ryoo R., Hensen E.J.M. “Catalytic performance of sheet-like Fe/ZSM-5 zeolites for the selective oxidation of benzene with nitrous oxide”, Journal of Catalysis, 299 (2013) 81-89. >>Link>>


Wu L., Degirmenci V., Magusin P.C.M.M., Lousberg N.J.H.G.M., Hensen E.J.M. “Mesoporous SSZ-13 Zeolite Prepared by a Dual Template Method with Improved Performance in the Methanol to Olefins Reaction”, Journal of Catalysis, 298 (2013) 27–40. >>Link>>



Hensen E.J.M., Poduval D.G., Degirmenci V., Ligthart D.A.J.M., Chen W., Maugé F., Rigutto M.S., van Veen J.A.R., “Acidity Characterization of Amorphous Silica–Alumina”, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116 (2012) 21416–21429. >>Link>>


Pidko, E. A., Degirmenci, V. and Hensen, E. J. M., “On the Mechanism of Lewis Acid Catalyzed Glucose Transformations in Ionic Liquids”, ChemCatChem, 4 (2012) 1201-1204. >>Link>>


Wu L., Degirmenci V., Magusin P.C.M.M., Szyja B.M., Hensen E.J.M. “Dual template synthesis of highly mesoporous SSZ-13 zeolite with improved stability in the methanol-to-olefins reaction”, Chemical Communications, 48 (2012) 9492-9494. >>Link>>


Koekkoek A. J.J., Tempelman C. H.L., Degirmenci V., Guo M., Feng Z., Li C., Hensen E. J.M., “Hierarchical Zeolites Prepared by Organosilane Templating: A Study of the Synthesis Mechanism and Catalytic Activity”, Catalysis Today, 168 (2011) 96-111. >>Link>>



Degirmenci V., Pidko E. A., Magusin P. C. M. M., Hensen E. J. M., “Towards a Selective Heterogeneous Catalyst for Glucose Dehydration in Water: CrCl2 Catalysis in a Thin Immobilized Ionic Liquid Layer”, Chemcatchem, 3 (2011) 969-972. >>Link>>


Degirmenci V., Cinlar B., Yilmaz A., Santen R. A. van, Shanks B. H., Hensen E. J. M., Uner D., “Sulfated Zirconia Modified SBA-15 Catalysts for Cellobiose Hydrolysis”, Catalysis Letters, 141 (2011) 33–42. >>Link>>


Koekkoek A.J.J., Degirmenci V., Hensen E.J.M., “Dry gel conversion of organosilane templated mesoporous silica: from amorphous to crystalline catalysts for benzene oxidation”, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21 (2011) 9279-9289. >>Link>>


Zhang Y., Degirmenci V., Li C., Hensen E. J. M., “Phosphotungstic Acid Encapsulated in Metal-Organic Framework as Catalyst for Carbohydrate Dehydration to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural”, Chemsuschem, 4 (2011) 59–64. >>Link>>



Pidko, E.A., Degirmenci, V., Santen, R.A. van, Hensen, E.J.M., “Coordination Properties of Ionic Liquid-Mediated Chromium(II) and Copper(II) Chlorides and Their Complexes with Glucose”, Inorganic Chemistry, 49 (2010) 10081-10091. >>Link>>


Pidko, E.A., Degirmenci, V., Santen, R.A. van, Hensen, E.J.M. “Glucose Activation by Transient Cr2+ Dimers”, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 49 (2010) 2530-2534. >>Link>>


2005 -2009

Degirmenci V., Yilmaz A., Uner D., “Selective Methane Bromination over Sulfated Zirconia in SBA-15 Catalysts”, Catalysis Today, 142 (2009) 30-33. >>Link>>


Degirmenci V., Erdem O. F., Ergun O., Yilmaz A., Michel D., Uner D., “Synthesis and NMR Characterization of Titanium and Zirconium Oxides Incorporated in SBA-15 ”,Topics in Catalysis, 49 (2008) 204-208. >>Link>>


Degirmenci V., Erdem O. F., Yilmaz A., Michel D., Uner D., “Sulfated Zirconia in SBA-15 Structures with Strong Brønsted Acidity as Observed by 1H MAS NMR Spectroscopy”, Catalysis Letters, 115 (2007) 79-85. >>Link>>


Degirmenci V., Yilmaz A., Uner D., “Methane to Higher Hydrocarbons via Halogenation”, Catalysis Today, 106 (2005) 252-255. >>Link>>



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