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Engineering CFD Lab Members

PhD Students

  • Bram Vangestel (PhD, 3/2012 - ) joint supervision with Professors P J Thomas and J Baeyens
    • Engineering CFD of air filter
  • Vasit Sirilapanan (PhD, 5/2015 - )
    • CFD of haemodynamics in the aneurysm and fistula.
  • Samuel Dunstan (PhD, 10/2016 - )
    • DNS of turbulent rotating jet and pipe flows
  • Yvonne Xue Chen (PhD, 10/2017 - )
    • UMZ of turbulent pipe flow
  • Jacqui Mufsud (PhD, 10/2017 - )
    • CFD of bubble dynamics with acoustic cavitation
  • Selcuk Sever (PhD, 1/2018 - )
    • DNS of turbulent flow control
  • Adam (PhD, 10/2018 - )
    • Machine learning for bio-CFD

MSc Students (Engineering, CSC)

  • Sheela Kumari - Li-ion battery modelling
  • Harry Salles - Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation of ice-water mixture
  • James Tunstall - Optimisation of an aircraft wing
  • Lifeng Zhang - High performance computing (HPC) of large-scale battery modelling

Visiting Students

  • Clement Patat (Physics at Université Paris-Est Créteil, France), 13/04/2015-5/06/2015
    • High performance computing for biomedical application
  • Nicolas Toure (the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Poitiers, France), 6/07/2015-14/09/2015
    • Computer visualisation of scientific computing data

Project Students (ES327)

  • Areg Aslanov - CFD of a rolling sphere
  • Max Grabner - Nek5000 simulation of a turbulent circular jet flow
  • Robert Latham - CFD of a Formula Student car flow: read wing
  • Araan Mohanadass - CFD of a Formula Student car flow: front wing

Visiting Academic

  • Professor Masashi Yamakawa (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan), 4/2016-3/2017
  • Dr James Jewkes (Curtin University of Technology, Australia), 1/2011-2/2011, 8-9/2014
  • Dr Xiuling Ji (Beijing Institute of Technology, China), 1/2012-8/2012
  • Dr Tae-Seon Park (Kyungbook University, South Korea), 8/2008-8/2009

Former Member

  • Dr Minsuok Kim (PDRA, 2014-2017, EU FP7 AirPROM lung modelling)
  • Dr Ashwin T.R (PDRA, 1/2014-9/2015, PDRA, EPSRC Li-ion battery modelling) Currently, WMG, University of Warwick.
  • Dr Seo Yoon Jung (8/2006-8/2007) Currently Research Scientist, KAERI, South Korea.
  • Dr Majid Malek Jafarian (9/2004-6/2005) Currently Assistant Professor, in Mechanical Engineering Department, Birjand University, IRAN

Former Students

PhD Students

  • Marco Macchi (PhD, 4/2014 - 2018) co-supervised by Professor J X Wen

    • LNG/Fuel cascade and ammable cloud formation

  • Iresha Atthanayake (PhD, 1/2014 - 7/2018) co-supervised by Professor P J Thomas
    • PhD Dissertation: Behaviour of an axi-symmetric jet in the rotating reference frame
  • Tony Wang (PhD, 10/2013 - 1/2018)
    • PhD Dissertation: Direct numerical simulations of turbulent pipe flow with 90 degrees bends
  • Oliver Yang (PhD, 10/2012 - 11/2016) co-supervised by Professor D A Lockerby
    • PhD Dissertation: Turbulent skin-friction drag reduction control by spanwise motion
  • Edd Hurst (PhD, 10/2009 - 9/2014)
    • PhD Dissertation: A numerical study of turbulent drag reduction using streamwise travelling waves of spanwise wall velocity
  • Salvio Chacko (PhD, 2/2008-11/2012)
    • PhD Dissertation: Numerical analysis of unsteady heat transfer for thermal management.
  • Dana Elam (PhD, 11/2007-7/2012)
    • PhD Dissertation: A direct numerical simulation of dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma actuators for turbulent skin-friction control.
  • Michal Kopera (MSc/PhD, 10/2007-2011) co-supervised by Professors R M Kerr (Eng/Maths)and D Barkley (Maths)
  • Tariq Talha (PhD, 11/2006-7/2012)
    • PhD Dissertation: A numerical investigation of three-dimensional unsteady turbulent channel flow subjected to temporal acceleration.
    • Lecturer at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan
  • Michael Asante (PhD, 9/2004-7/2012)
    • PhD Dissertation: Numerical modelling of nosocomial infection in a multi-bed ward environment.
  • Dr Adam K Preece (PhD, 9/2003-8/2008)

    • PhD Dissertation: An investigation into methods to aid the simulation of turbulent separation control.

    • Software test engineer at Aircraft Research Association Ltd.

  • Dr James Jewkes (PhD, 8/2002-7/2008)
    • PhD Dissertation: An improved turbulent boundary layer inflow condition, applied to the simulation of jets in cross-flow.
    • Lecturer at University of Coventry, UK

MSc Students

  • Connor Denton (MSc, 2017/18)
    • CFD of a vaccum cleaner
  • Adan Nawaz (MSc, 2017/18)
    • Fluid-Structure Interaction modelling of arteriovenous fistula maturation

  • Thodoris Papachristopoulou (MSc, 2017/18)
    • Secondary flow structures in 180° - bent pipe and flow control towards stabilization under the application of body force using Nek5000

  • Victoria Boothman (CSC MSc, 2016/18)
    • The influence of viscosity magnitude, non-Newtonian rheology and anastomosis angle upon haemodynamic conditions within an Arteriovenous Fistula
  • Sam Hallow (MSc, 2016/17)
    • Modelling high velocity explosions
  • Ben Harris (MSc, 2016/17)
    • CFD of a land speed record car
  • Dan Bruce (MSc, 2015/16)
    • An electro-chemical based approach to modelling a multi-celled lithium-ion battery pack for electric vehicles

  • Pierre Phelps (MSc, 2015/16)
    • Direct numerical simulation of circular jet flows: An investigation to the effects of inflow conditions on jet development
  • Gregory Begkos (MSc, 2014/15)
    • Numerical simulation of human lung flow
  • Marios Tziritis (MSc, 2014/15)
    • Numerical simulation of car aerodynamics
  • Parag Yeole (MSc, 2014/15)
    • Numerical simulation of FSI
  • Adam Rogozinsky (MSc, 2013/14)
    • Numerical simulation of car aerodynamics
  • Jackson Powell (MSc, 2013/14)
    • Numerical simulation of human lung flow
  • Leo Zeng (MSc, 2013/14)
    • Numerical simulation of flow around a sphere
  • Lanzhi Liang (MSc, 2012/13)
    • Electronic car battery cooling
  • Tian Coulsting (MSc, 2011/12)
    • OpenFOAM simulation of a turbulent cavity flow
  • Sean Roman (MSc, 2010/11)
    • NUmerical study of a turbulent U-bend flow optimisation
  • Daniel J Lycett-Brown (CSC MSc, 2009/2010) Currently doing a PhD at University of Southampton
    • Fluid-solid interactions: Using the immersed boundary method to investigate swimming at low Reynolds number
  • Sina Haeri (CSC MSc, 2008/2009) Currently doing a PhD at University of Southampton
    • MSc Dissertation: Numerical simulation of flow around flexible bodies
  • Michael Jones (CSC MSc, 2008/2009)
    • MSc Dissertation: Large eddy simulation of accelerating turbulent channel flow
  • Elisavet Michali (MSc, 2008/2009)
    • MSc Dissertation: Flow control
  • Oladipo J. Bamgbose (MSc, 2008/2009)
    • MSc Dissertation: Large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow with sudden pressure gradient change
  • Thomas Grundy (MSc, 2007/2008)
    • MSc Dissertation: An analysis of the fractional step method for solving the {Navier-Stokes} equations
  • Azadeh Azimi (MSc, 2007/2008) Currently doing a PhD at Coventry University
    • MSc Dissertation: Turbulent flow simulations with slip velocity
  • Stefanos Katsimardos (MSc, 2006/2007)
    • MSc Dissertation: Computational analysis of a novel wind turbine
  • Caitlin Graham (MSc, 2006/2007)
    • MSc Dissertation: Computational analysis of micro- and nano- flows
  • Majah Zia (MSc, 2005/2006)
    • MSc Dissertation: Unsteady heat transfer analysis
  • Wittawach Prasitsom (MSc, 2005/2006)
    • MSc Dissertation: Computational analysis for turbulent flow control

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