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Salvio Chacko

Dr. Salvio Chacko CEng MIMechE

Research Fellow,

Research Interests : Unsteady flow and heat transfer, Li-ion cell coupled electro-thermal modeling, advanced battery thermal management, Low carbon vechicle technology


1. Chacko, S., Chung, Y.M., Choi, S.K., Nam, H.Y. and Jeong, H.Y. (2011) 'Large-eddy simulation of thermal striping in unsteady non-isothermal triple jet', International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (doi:10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2011.05.002)

2. Chacko, S. and Chung, Y. M. (2012) 'Coupled electro-thermal modelling of Li-ion polymer battery for electric vehicle drive cycles', Journal Of Power Sources (0743-7137)

3. Chacko, S. and Chung, Y. M.(2012) 'Laminar conjugate heat transfer of rectangular serpentine channels

for EV battery thermal management', Submitted to International Journal Of Heat And Mass Transfer