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Tom / 1D modelling team work update as of 9th Nov

Current work:

1. Constructing the Matlab model for the Pressure Changes in the lung throughout the breathing cycle.

Working on creating the mathematical model refferenced in (this) paper, to model the pressure changes in the lung and to ultimately creat an accurate model of the pressure as a function of time for a breathing cycle.

2. Work with Charlie to select and model the algorithms that define the geormety of the lungs

Need to choose a paper that defines a method of creating the geometry of the lungs, and then will code that into matlab to be used in the visualization section.

3. Work with Dhillon to creat the matlab model for the overall 1D Model

Dhillon is currently working on creating an overall 1D model for the lungs that can define one path from 1st gen to final generation including flow rates, wall shear, pressure drops in each pipe. I will be working with him to code this into matlab so it can be used with the simulink model.