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Mahan Ramachandra

Project Title


engine Aerocoustics: Searching For Noise


Aims and Objectives


Through experimental and computational methods, find an appropriate means by which the noise emanating from an aircraft engine may be located.

Analyse the strong and weak points of both these methods and try to understand why they may give different results.


Publications In Use 


M.S. Howe

- Theory of Vortex Sounds


Niklas Andersson

- A Study of Subsonic Turbulent Jets, and Their Radiated Sound Using Large-Eddy Simulation


Kim Joongnyon 

- Wall Pressure Fluctuations And Flow Induced Noise, in a Turbulent Boundary Layer over a Bump


Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics

- Computational Aeroacoustics.


Xi Jiang

- Sound Generation by Vortex Pairings In Subsonic Axisymtetric Jets




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