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Wireless Communications

(15 Credits)


The module continues the development of concepts and techniques required for an understanding of fundamental aspects of telecommunications. This will enable students to carry out project work in antennas, propagation and wireless communications.
The module’s aim is to present fundamental theory and its application in understanding the operation of the physical layer of a wireless communications system, such as antennas, propagation, shadowing and diversity.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Solve electromagnetic plane wave propagation problems in lossless and lossy media. Derive formulae for and evaluate: (i) the plane wave reflection and transmission from single and multiple planar material interfaces; (ii) the plane wave scattering from a single or multiple thin wires; (iii) the knife edge diffraction loss.
  • Apply fundamental theory to evaluate single antenna and antenna array parameters. Design wire antennas.
  • Derive basic radiowave propagation models (free space Friis transmission formula and plane earth loss model) and use them to design and evaluate the performance of a wireless link between two antennas. Be critical of the limitations of empirical and physical path loss models.
  • Interpret the basics of shadowing and fading.
  • Advance knowledge of diversity and multiple-input-multiple-output techniques.
  • Design linear equalisers and Rake receivers.
  • Evaluate performances of digital modulation techniques.
  • Comprehend cellular communications and organisation and spread spectrum basics.

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