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Operation and Control of Power Systems

(15 Credits)

Aims: This module aims to present the current (advanced) technologies and trends in development that will shape future electrical power systems. The students will gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the construction, operation and control principles of power systems. They will learn advanced analytical skills for examining different modes of operation in complex systems. The content includes the following main elements:

- Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power
- Balanced and Unbalanced 3-Phase Systems
- Load Flow Analyses
- Fault and Stability Analyses of Power Systems
- Power System Protection Concepts and Techniques
- Operational Security Control
- Benefits and Limitations of Wide Area Measurement (WAM)
- Effects and Management of Distributed Generation
- Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) and High Voltage DC (HVDC) Transmission Technologies
- Power Quality Monitoring and Management
- Renewable Power Penetraton and Grid Code Requirements
- The Role of Energy Storage and the Development of Relevant Technologies

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion, students will be able to:

Through the module, the student will gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors driving the development of current (modern) power systems. They will gain a sound understanding of the challenges posed in operating advanced systems to achieve objectives that may conflict in some cases: reduction of the cost of electricity supply, reduction of CO2 emissions associated with power generation, and the safe utilisation of current generation/modern power system facilities. The students will learn to find advanced operational and control solutions based on current generation and future communication and power electronics technologies. The comprehensive knowledge and analytical skills obtained can also be applied to power system planning and design studies.

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