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Dr Suhaib Fahmy

FPGA Accelerators for Densely Networked Systems

The Internet of Things is a paradigm of massive connectedness, bringing together a plethora of smart distributed sensors, and complex analytics in datacentres to solve problems from intelligent transportation to personalised medicine. However, the compute infrastructure we have at hand today is built upon decades-old assumptions about how to combine computation and communication, and suffers from fundamental inefficiencies as a result. We are interested in re-evaluating how we compute in this connected context, rethinking models from the ground up to take advantage of alternative computing architectures.

This PhD project is concerned with proposing methods and infrastructure for incorporating efficient accelerator technology on FPGAs within connected distributed computing systems. It includes work on virtualising data interfaces in hardware, integrating these accelerators within software infrastructure, and building applications to demonstrate the advantages of this approach. The focus will be on big data analytics, and the project can skew towards centralised datacentre or distributed embedded applications.

Note: Should your application for admission be accepted you should be aware that this does not automatically constitute an offer of financial support. Please refer to the scholarships & funding pages].