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Dr Yunfei Chen

Novel Spectrum Sensing Methods for Cognitive Radios

We are running out of vacant frequency bands in the radio spectrum due to the wireless boom in the recent years. This is seriously damaging the development of future wireless services. Cognitive radio has been proposed as a solution to this problem by finding unused bands at some specific times in some specific locations and operating on these bands. An important function of cognitive radio is therefore to find the vacant bands through a method called spectrum sensing. In this research, novel spectrum sensing methods will be investigated from viewpoints of different layers and different users in the system. The research mainly involves with statistical design and analysis followed by MALAB and C simulations.

Novel Information Processing Strategies for Wireless Relaying

Wireless relaying is one of the most recent ideas proposed in wireless communications to either provide back-up copies for higher reliability or multi-hop communications for larger coverage. For example, in many wireless sensor networks, it is quite common to use relaying to get the information across to the central controller due to the power limitation on the sensors. There are still a lot of unexplored areas on this topic. In this research, new relaying strategies will be devised to ensure reliable transmission of the key information. New information collection methods at the destination will also be looked into. Then these two components will be combined for the best performance.

Novel Ultra-wide Bandwidth Designs With Optimal Power Allocation

Ultra-wide bandwidth is a technology that allows us to replace all the wires and cables at home with wireless interconnections at a short range. Its bandwidth is on the order of Gigahertz that overlay with the conventional communication systems. To comply with regulations, the transmission power of ultra-wide bandwidth device is usually very small, for example, tens of micro-Watts, which is on the same magnitude of order as some internal circuit powers. In this research, an investigation will be conducted on how the transmission power and some circuit powers can be jointly optimized to provide the most cost-efficient design of ultra-wide bandwidth device.

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