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WCPM: Flor Siperstein (Manchester)

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Location: Virtual seminar - MS Teams

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Modelling insights into coatings for corrosion protection

Flor Siperstein (Manchester)

A wide range of coatings have been developed to protect metal surfaces. Their mechanism of protection depends on the application: marine coatings are different to aerospace coatings and different to coatings applied to cans for food storage. Coatings that are applied to metal surfaces to prevent water and ions to reach the surface protect the surfaces through a “passive mechanism”. Nevertheless, coatings applied to surfaces exposed to harsh environments where scratching of the coating can occur, need to leach out a corrosion inhibitor stored in the coating to protect the exposed metal as a result of the scratch.

In this talk I will present the work we have done to understand and model different aspects relevant to polymeric coatings used for corrosion prevention as part of an ongoing collaboration with AkzoNobel. We have looked at developing virtual models of coatings with corrosion inhibitor particles, characterise the composite structure, and relate the microstructure with the leaching profiles of the inhibitor. At a molecular scale we have looked at the interaction of polymers with metal oxide surfaces to understand the strength of adhesion. This will provide an overview on how chemical and physical modelling can aid in the development of coatings.

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