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Tadashi Matsumoto

PhD Title: Adaptive probabilistic meshless methods for evolutionary systems

PhD Supervisor: Tim Sullivan

About Me: For my undergraduate degree I studied Mathematics (MMath) at the University of Warwick, graduating in July 2020. Before graduating I completed a summer research project in 2019 with Dr Ed Brambley; we looked at simulating acoustic linings of aircrafts using the stair case model. This involved solving the Helmholtz equation numerically and analytically for a sound source near a stair case boundary.

My research is focused on bringing together the newly-developed probabilistic meshless method (PMM; Cockayne et al., Proc. Max. Ent., 2016) for the solution of static, elliptic partial differential equations with the optimal transportation meshfree framework (Li et al, Int. J. Num. Meth. Eng. 2010), to develop PMMs for evolutionary problems.