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Sebastian Dooley

(Work in Progress)

PhD Title: Fundamental physics or data science? Why not both: a data-driven modelling framework for interfacial microflows

Supervisors: Radu CimpeanuLink opens in a new window, James SprittlesLink opens in a new window and Albert Bartok-Partay

About me:

I studied towards my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Warwick from 2018-2022. During my studies I took interest in numerous areas of applied mathematics and hope to continue learning content relating to computational fluid dynamics, statistics and machine learning.

My final year research project, supervised by Dr. Radu Cimpeanu was on 'Data-driven Partial Equation Discovery' and formed my interest in the area. I am continuing my research into this field over the next 4 years, with a specific focus on interfacial microflows.


Mathematics MMath, University of Warwick