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Title Description Supervisor(s)
Nonlinear, but under control: a hierarchical modelling approach to manipulating liquid films

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We are surrounded by situations that depend on a controlled outcome in our day-to-day lives, ranging from controlling the evacuation of crowds, to efficient drug delivery, or cooling systems inside computing centres. Most real-life scenarios rely on complicated models which are too complex to tackle analytically or computationally. Using the framework provided by a beautiful and rich physical problem – controlling nonlinear waves in falling liquid films – the project will provide opportunities to develop analytical and computational multi-physics tools. Acting in tandem for the first time, they become sufficiently powerful to translate robust theoretical strategies into realistic technological solutions. Radu Cimpeanu, Susana N. Gomes
Scale effects on reactive turbulent mixing

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Spatial and temporal fluctuations in fluid behaviour control mixing and reaction processes. Observations show that velocity fluctuations are correlated with mixing and reaction rates, and degree of these correlations vary across the scale. These provide compelling evidence that the key statistics of reaction parameters driving the transport processes are scale dependent and functions of the increments of porous media geometrical characteristics. This project aims to develope theoretical and computational frameworks to assimilate data associated with diverse variables collected at a range of scales and combine these to provide predictions of reactive solute dynamics and quantify associated uncertainties across the scales. The candidate will benefit from HetSys CDT training on computational data science and geostatistical methods and will perform research in the field of reactive transport and turbulent mixing processes in porous media in collaboration with partners at Bayer A.G. (Germany). Mohad Nezhad, Gary Bending, Tim Sullivan