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A Game of Order Parameters

Supervisors: Dr David Quigley (Physics) and Dr Gabriele C. Sosso (Chemistry)

Predicting if, how and when ice crystals will form [1] in clouds (and our own cells!) is important to atmospheric science (and cryopreservation! [2]) and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals [3]. Preventing crystals from nucleating is desirable instead in our brains (where aggregates of proteins can lead to neurological diseases [4]) and for the oil industry (where water-based crystals can block pipelines [5]). Computer modelling can, in principle, design strategies for optimal control over these processes: in fact, advanced atomistic simulation techniques are now able to calculate key properties such as crystal nucleation rates. Unfortunately, the comparison of these rates against experimental data is subject to uncertainties [6] which have not been rigorously quantified yet. Specifically, the choice of the particular mathematical object we use to identify atoms as part of a crystalline nucleus (the so-called “order parameter”) [7] has a major impact. We will use formal uncertainty quantification (which form part of the core HETSYS training) to rectify this, initially using simple models [8] – for which accurate results are available, and then moving onto scenarios of great practical importance - such as the formation of ice [9].

Quigley Sosso



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