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Title Description Status Research Student Supervisor
Atomistically-informed continuum interface models for functional composites Functional composites are material candidates for high-energy density applications. Their overall energy density can be enhanced by tailoring constituent dielectric properties, breakdown strength, and interfacial polarisation. In Progress Aravinthen Rajkumar (Cohort 1) Lukasz Figiel
Statistics of porous media attributes and mixing processes state variables across scales Typical observations of porous media attributes arise from a variety of techniques which have their own spatial resolution and associated uncertainty. Therefore, key statistics of parameters driving transport processes in porous media vary across scales and a scientific foundation for the characterization of basic transport mechanisms requires understanding of all relevant processes across the relevant length and time scales. In this project, we develop a theoretical and computational framework to assimilate data associated with diverse variables collected at a range of scales and combine these to provide predictions of solute dynamics and associated uncertainties. In Progress Alisdair Soppitt (Cohort 2) Mohaddeseh Mousavi-Nezhad
Uncertainty Assessment of Solute Mixing in Heterogenous Porous Media The transport of chemical substances in the subsurface is relevant in many different applications. In Progress Matthew Harrison (Cohort 1) Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nezhad