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VeGIN - who are we?

Welcome to the Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN).

VeGIN combines the expertise of plant geneticists, breeders, physiologists, entomologists, pathologists, virologists and bioinformaticians. Using traditional breeding methods in unison with advanced modern breeding tools, our continued aim is to improve vegetable crops, specifically, Brassicas, lettuce, onion and carrot for a diverse range of traits of economic and social importance. The output from this work contributes towards meeting the challenges of future vegetable crop production.

Meet the team....


Top left: Jeanette Selby, Jay Moore, Charlotte Alender, John Clarkson, Dave Pink, Fran Pitt, Sarah Stevenson, Mariateresa de Cesare, Andy Taylor, John Walsh, John Carder, Adam Baker, Brian Thomas.

Seated: Graham Teakle, Vicky Buchanan - Wollaston, Rosemary Collier, Peter G Walley, Guy Barker.

Not present:Paul Hand.