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Maha Alhajri


  • Kuwait University: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Mathematics for Secondary Level)
  • Kuwait University: Master in Science(Msc).
  • United Kingdom: Part III of the Mathematical Tripos (Cambridge 2010)
  • Currently: A postgrad student at Warwick university.

Interests: '

  • Mathematical modeling: Reaction diffusion equations (analysis and application )
  • Dynamical systems.
  • Numerical analysis (pde's approximation theory etc.).
  • I have a growing interest in "stochastic differential equation" and its uses in mathematical biology.



Al-Hajri, M. ; Kalla, S. L.

On an integral transform involving Bessel functions.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications (ICMA 2004), 1–12,

Kuwait Univ. Dep. Math. Comput. Sci., Kuwait, 2005.

In this paper the authors define and study a new integral transform involving Bessel functions of first and second kind,

by invoking the Sturm-Liouville theory. An inversion formula is established and some properties are mentioned.

The transform has been used to solve a heat conduction problem in an infinite and a semi-infinite circular cylinder,

bounded by surfaces $r=a$ and $r=b$ $ (b>a)$, with radiation-type boundary conditions on both surfaces.




People who played an important role in my career in Mathematics

Hani Farran

Prof. Hanni Farran

He was the reason I changed from chemistry to mathematics.

S. L. Kalla

Prof. S. L. Kalla

He was my Master's Supervisor "I love him so much, he is a great person".

Michal Johnson

Dr. Michael Johnson

He was the reason I thought in continue my education towards a PhD.

"He is a great mentor"

 Arieh Iserles

Prof. Arieh Iserles

He was the reason I liked numerical analysis and computational analysis.




There is still room for many more.

Hobbies and personal stuff;

Main character criteria : I "enjoy" acting "grumpy" but I am really not :).

Main hobbies: I like taking pictures of nature and building "just started last year": here are some of my photos (enjoy).

Lucy Cam Cambridge My beroom view Warwick1
Warwick2 Catherdar