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Graham Hobbs

About Me

I'm originally from St Helens in Merseyside. In my spare time I enjoy playing and watching a variety of sports including cricket, badminton, baseball, american football and rugby league.

I'm indulging in these pastimes in the pictures - with the Lombardi Trophy at the NFL Wembley game in 2011 and in the Cuppers Final 2010.

Academic Background

I took an MMath at Oriel College, Oxford (08-12).

I wrote my MASDOC MSc dissertation under the supervision of Charlie Elliott and Jose Rodrigo on "Monge gauge with point particles". This involved the analysis of a model for biomembrane deformation by point forces and creating a numerical scheme to model the gradient flow of the related energy functional when the locations of the forces vary in time.

I am now a third year MASDOC student.

Research Interests

I am currently studying models for biomembrane deformation by protein inclusions. Such models are useful for studying the formation of filipodia, cavolae and other structures that form via deformations of the cell membrane. My reserach is currently focussed on energy minimisation and the related partial differential equations.


"Regularity theory for a fourth order PDE with delta right hand side" - Applied PDEs Seminar, Warwick, 29/10/13.

"Membrane Deformation by Protein Inclusions" - CCA-MASDOC Student Conference, Cambridge, 19/3/14 and Student Days, SIAM Annual Meeting, Chicago, 10/7/14.

"Membrane deformation and induced interactions between pointwise inclusions" - Applied PDEs Seminar, Warwick, 4/11/14.

"Small Membrane Deformations on Surfaces" - CCA-MASDOC Student Conference, Warwick, 17/4/15.


A Variational Approach to Particles in Lipid Membranes, Charles M. Elliott, Carsten Gräser, Graham Hobbs, Ralf Kornhuber , Maren-Wanda Wolf, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 2016, DOI:10.1007/s00205-016-1016-9.


I am the TA for:

MA250 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations.

MA4K2 - Optimisation and Fixed Point Theory.

Contact Details

My email address is

My desk is in B0.24 in the Zeeman Building.

Me with Lombardi Trophy