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David O'Connor

David O'Connor

Email: d.g.m.o-connor <at>

Originally from: Manchester, UK.

Academic Background

I completed my undergraduate studies at The University of Warwick obtaining a First Class MMath Degree.

I am currently in my third year of MASDOC studying for a PhD. As part of my MSc. I was involved with the SPDE research study group, we investigated the stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with non-symmetric potential. For my MSc dissertation I investigated the Surface Cahn-Hilliard equation, in particular I looked at well-posedness and attempted to lift known results with regards a formal asymptotic investigation into the sharp interface behaviour in the case of non-constant mobilities.

I now work on formal asymptotics of phase field models on evolving surfaces.


In the current academic year (2014/15) I have been the TA for: MASDOC C1, Measure Theory, Numerical Analysis and PDEs and Numerical Analysis.

Areas of Interest

My main interests are in analysis and numerics of surface partial differential equations. I am currently working on the surface Cahn-Hilliard equation under Bjorn Stinner, in particular I am working on formal asymptotics for the sharp-interface limit in the case of evolving surfaces.

Outside of my course I am semi-professional rugby league player for Hemel Stags and have also played for Coventry Bears.


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