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Theodoros Assiotis

MeAbout me

I am a final year PhD student in Mathematics. Before coming to Warwick I completed a BA and MMath (Part III) at the University of Cambridge. A detailed CV, research and teaching statements are available upon request.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in Probability Theory and Mathematical Physics. More specifically I have done some work in interacting particle systems, random matrix theory, stochastic surface growth and decay processes and the study of dynamics on branching graphs.

Publications and Preprints

  1. Random surface growth and Karlin-McGregor polynomials, available from
  2. A matrix Bougerol identity and the Hua-Pickrell measures, available from
  3. Hua-Pickrell diffusions and Feller processes on the graph of spectra, available from
  4. Intertwinings for general beta Laguerre and Jacobi processes, available from htpps://
  5. Interlacing diffusions, with N. O'Connell and J. Warren, available from htpps://

Awards and Honors

  • EPSRC scholarship 2014-18.
  • Thomas Bond Sprague Prize 2014: Top student in Part III for Probability theory and related fields.
  • Bartlett Prize 2014.
  • Part III Examination Prize 2014.
  • Senior Scholar Trinity College 2012-13, 2013-14.
  • Junior Scholar Trinity College 2011-12.


  • 'TBA', Probability seminar, University of Cambridge, 30 Jan. 2018.
  • 'TBA', Probability seminar, University College Dublin, 24 Jan. 2018.
  • 'Determinantal structures in (2+1)-dimensional growth and decay models', Oberseminar stochastics, Hausdorff Center of Mathematics, Bonn, 30 Nov. 2017.
  • 'Determinantal structures in (2+1)-dimensional growth and decay models', Mathematical Physics and Probability seminar, University of Warwick, 21 Nov. 2017.
  • 'A matrix Bougerol identity and the Hua-Pickrell measures', Mathematical Physics and Probability seminar, University of Warwick, 24 Oct. 2017.
  • 'Extended determinantal kernels and applications', Mathematical Physics reading seminar, University of Bristol, 28 Mar. 2017.
  • 'Stochastic dynamics for the Hua-Pickrell measures' I & II, Mathematical Physics and Probability seminar, University of Warwick, 7 and 14 Mar. 2017.
  • 'Asymptotic representation theory and dynamics on branching graphs', Postgraduate seminar, University of Warwick, 9 Nov. 2016.
  • 'Interlacing diffusions', Randomness in Physics and Mathematics ZiF summer school, Bielefeld University, 17 Aug. 2016.
  • 'Intertwinings and interlacings', CCA-MASDOC-oxPDE Student Conference, University of Cambridge, 18 Mar. 2016.
  • Several talks in reading groups including 'The six vertex model and the Izergin-Korepin formula', 'Unimodularity and Mass Transport principle in Percolation'.

Conferences, Workshops, Schools, Research Visits

  • Visitor at KTH, Stockholm. 25 Feb.- 10 Mar. 2018.
  • Visitor at University College Dublin 22-27 Jan. 2018.
  • Classical and Quantum Motion in Disordered Environment. A random event in honour of Ilya Goldsheid, Queen Mary University of London, 18-22 Dec. 2017.
  • Visitor at CNRS Marseille, 4-8 Dec. 2017.
  • Visitor at Hausdorff Center of Mathematics, Bonn, 29 Nov.-1 Dec. 2017.
  • Spectral properties of large random objects, summer school, IHES, Bures-Sur-Yvette, 17-28 Jul. 2017.
  • Visitor at University of Bristol, 27-31 Mar. 2017.
  • Visiting scientist at thematic trimester Combinatorics and Interactions, Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, 17 Feb.- 2 Mar. 2017.
  • Workshop on Asymptotic Representation Theory, Institut Henri Poincare, Paris, 20-24 Feb. 2017.
  • Visitor at Rennes University, 11-14 Dec. 2016.
  • Random Product Matrices: New Developments and Applications, Bielefeld University, 22-26 Aug. 2016.
  • Randomness in Physics and Mathematics ZiF summer school, Bielefeld University, 8-20 Aug. 2016.
  • UK Easter Probability Meeting 2016: Random structures arising in Physics and Analysis, University of Lancaster, 4-8 Apr. 2016.
  • Probabilistic models: from discrete to continuous, University of Warwick, 29 Mar.- Apr. 2016.
  • Random Matrix Theory and Strongly Correlated Systems, University of Warwick, 21-24 Mar. 2016.
  • Les Houches summer school: Stochastic Processes and Random Matrices, Ecole de Physique des Houches, 6-31 Jul. 2015.
  • MASDOC summer school: Topics in renormalisation group theory and regularity structures, University of Warwick, 11-15 May 2015.


  • ST220 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics: Term 1 2017-18.
  • MA4F7 Brownian Motion: Term 2 2015-16, 2016-17.


t.assiotis [at]