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Curtis Wilson

About Me

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. My interests include fantasy novels (specifically urban fantasy), video games and long-winded discussions about basically anything.

Academic Interests

My area of research involves modelling defects in multi-lattice crystals, specifically in the case of ionic crystals. More generally I am interested in modelling and applied analysis, especially in crystal focussed applications.

Academic History

Undergraduate Degree

I studied at the University of St Andrews for 4 years, graduating in 2014 with an MMath in Pure Mathematics. My degree primarily focused on algebra with Masters level modules including semigroups, finite fields and Lie algebras. I also wrote a dissertation on Galois theory (which I may link to at some point). However it was modules in functional analyis and ergodic theory that really interested me.


To pursue my interest in analysis and to learn of the applications of what I had studied previously, I joined MASDOC. MASDOC is a 4-year PhD program, the first year of which is an MSci designed to prepare you for a PhD - and in my case quickly get me up to speed on what an applied mathematics student aught to know.

MSci Year

This year I took modules in computing, applied analysis, probability and the calculus of variations. A large part of the year also involved the Research Study Group(RSG) module, in which I worked with Theodoros Assiotis, Neil Chada, and Pavlos Tsatsoulis under the supervision of Claudia Schillings and Aretha Teckentrup to conduct research on Uncertainty Quanitification and Reduced Basis Methods. Over the summer I began research for my Masters thesis on multi-lattice crystals with Christoph Ortner, which is still a work in progress.