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Quirin Vogel

I have moved to the NYU Shanghai, my new webpage is here

Email: q.vogel "at" warwick "dot" ac "dot" uk

Research Interests

Probability Theory: Statistical Mechanics, Non-Gaussian Systems, Scaling Limits, (Dependent-)Percolation
Random Walks (in random environment), continuous-time Markov models, Gibbs Point-Processes, Non-Markovian RW

Computer Science: Determinantal Point Processes, Randomised Decision Trees (+Applications to Statistical Physics), Hamiltonian Monte-Carlo


2020 - "A note on the intersections of two random walks in two dimensions", arxiv:2007.13432
2019 - "Large deviations of the range of the planar random walk on the scale of the mean ", with J. Liu, Journal of Theoretical Probability
2018 - "Space-time random walk loop measures", with S. Adams, Stochastic Processes and their Applications(2019)
2017 - "Stochastic Interface Models" - MSc Thesis - Available upon request
2016 - "Markovian and Bosonic Loops"- MSc Thesis - Available upon request
2015 - "The Brownian Motion and the Dirichlet Problem" - BSc Thesis - Available upon request

Scholarships and Prizes Awarded

2017-2020 Full Studentship for PhD, funded by the EPSRC and the University of Warwick.
2016-2017 Full Studentship for Mathematics and Statistics, funded by the EPSRC and the University of Warwick.
2015-2016 Scholarship for studying Masters at the University of Warwick.
2012-2016 Scholarship from the Elite Network of the Bavarian Government, including monthly stipend and professional training.
2012 Recognized as the high school graduate with the highest overall mark within his school and year.

Academic CV

For a full academic CV, please email me.

PhD, University of Warwick, 2017-2020.
Master Mathematics and Statistics, University of Warwick 2016-2017, Distinction.
Master Mathematics, University of Warwick 2015-2016, Distinction.
Bachelor Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science, University of Munich 2012-2015, Distinction (1.1).

Presentations given (selection)

2019: Loop Percolation, Warwick University Statistics, Probability, Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar Series.
2018: Random Walk Representation and Complex Probabilities, Oxford Joint CDT conference 2018.
2018: Why Machine Learning does work, Warwick Postgraduate Seminar.
2018: Why you should do a PhD in statistical Mechanics, Warwick Postgraduate Seminar.
2017: Space-Time Loop Measures; Probabilistic approaches in Mathematical Physics, Bilbao.
2017: The Mathematics of Batteries; MASDOC retreat in Brecon, Wales.
2016: Random Interlacements, an Introduction; Probability Reading Group at Warwick.
2015: Donsker Varadhan Theory; Seminar on Functional Integration, TMP Elite-Master LMU, Munich.
2014: The Dirichlet Problem and the Brownian Motion; Probability Seminar LMU, Munich.

Teaching Experience

2019/20: Teaching Assistant (TA) for "Brownian Motion"
2018/19: Teaching Assistant (TA) for "Stochastic Analysis", "Complex Analysis", "Probability Theory", "Analysis 1" and "Mathematics of Random Events".
2017/18: Teaching Assistant (TA) for "Large Deviations", "Brownian Motion", "Markov Processes and Percolation" and Supervisor for 1st and 2nd year students.
2016/17: Teaching Assisant for "Analysis 3" and Supervisor for 1st students.
2015/16: Supervisor for 1st and 2nd year students.
2014/15: Teaching Assistant for "Stochastik 1", "Analysis 2" and "Analysis 1".

Total Number of TA's: 13.

Conferences Attended (selection)

2019 The 12th MSJ-SI Stochastic Analysis,Random Fields and Integrable Probability, Japan, fully funded
2018 Isaac Newton Workshop on Quantum Field Theory, fully funded.
2018 Oxford Joint CDT conference (April 2018, University of Oxford), fully funded.
2017 Warwick SIAM-IMA Annual Conference (November 2017, University of Warwick)
2017 Probabilistic Approaches in Mathematical Physics (July 2017, BCAM, Bilbao, Spain), fully funded.
2016 Mathematical Many Body Theory and its Applications (June 2016, BCAM, Bilbao, Spain), fully funded.

Programming Languages

Python, Matlab, R, C, Haskell, Java.

Voluntary Work

2018/19 : President of the Warwick SIAM student chapter.
2017/18: Teaching piano for free as part of the Warwick Piano Society's mentoring scheme.
2017/18: Mentoring MSc student.
2014/15: Took part in the University of Munich's "Buddy program", mentoring overseas students.

Other Interests

Classical Music (playing, teaching and perfoming piano music), Photography, Reading, Art (especially Calligraphy), Travelling, Languages, Jogging, Swimming, Mountain Climbing and Green Tea.