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Tessa Colledge

Hello, welcome to my web page. The fact that I am called Tessa Vorster on the student list is slightly misleading, since I got married on 1st October 2011 and changed my name from Vorster to Colledge. I have yet to update all university files... amongst other things. Hopefully soon the web page will contain a photo of me and my lovely husband Andrew for you to look at.

I completed my undergraduate Mmath at Warwick in 2011 and have this year started the MASDOC combined MSc and PHD course 2011-2015. If all goes well, I will complete the MSC this year and proceed to starting my PHD in September 2012.

The work I have done thus far is in the field of Statistical Mechanics and comprises of a 4rth year research project undertaken with Stefan Adams. Most of the project consisted of gaining an understanding of the measure theory that underpins the mathematical modelling involved in this field. I also looked specific examples of models and reviewed basic results.

As for hobbies outside of maths... I have to say that in terms of regular hobbies, like sports or music, I am rather lacking. Throughout my undergraduate degree I spent perhaps far too much time studying and didn't leave much spare time to build up such hobbies. I do however have certain things outside of maths about which I am passionate.

I am a Christian and believe passionately that the gift of God to us in the person of Jesus Christ is something worth treasuring. Other things that I am passionate about are my husband and my family. They have make my life rich.

I can be contacted at (another thing that needs updating!)