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Speaking with Style - Final Presentations 2022


The final presentations of our new PhD students as part of the Speaking with Style module take place on

Fri, 1 July 2022, 4-5pm (parallel sessions).

By default, all talks are in person and not available online. The only exception is the session in B3.02.

Below are details on the sessions including speakers, titles, and rooms (all in Zeeman Building).

Session 1 (B3.01)
4:05 Hamdi Dervodeli Arithmetic mean - geometric mean inequality
4:15 Maryam Nowroozi A graph theoretic proof of the Sylvester-Gallai theorem
4:25 Daniel Marlowe Perusing Stacks
4:35 David Hubbard Towards effective bounds of the Manin-Mumford conjecture
Session 2 (B3.02 and online, meeting linkLink opens in a new window)
4:05 Abi Coleman The spread of disease in honey bees
4:15 Luke Benfield Diffuse domain method for intercellular diffusion
4:25 Nathan Coombs Modelling the formation of coffee rings
4:35 Freddie Jensen Axisymmetric gravitational spreading
4:45 Chatchuea Kimchaiwong
Representing a new type of uncertainty
Session 3 (B3.03)
4:05 Dylan Johnston Homotopy groups of Lie groups
4:15 Khalid Younis Sum-free subsets
4:25 Eileen Pan Maximal tori in finite groups of Lie type
Session 4 (MS.03)
4:05 Arshay Sheth Introduction to the abc conjecture
4:15 Zhuo Wu On the stability of the graph independence number
4:25 James Rawson An introduction to the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
4:35 Jun Yan The forbidden matrix problem
Session 5 (MS.04)
4:05 Thomas Read An introduction to Witt vectors
4:15 Alvaro Gonzalez Hernandez Kissing in 8 dimensions
4:25 Hannah MacDermott Carrying and Cohomology
Session 6 (MS.05)
4:05 Achilles Mavrakis Integration of the few body problem
4:15 Harry Sapranidis Mantelos One-dependent point processes
4:25 Tom Sales Hamilton’s equations (and how to integrate them)
4:35 Spyros Garouniatis Donsker Varadhan theory and applications
4:45 Byron Tzamarias Optimal control in cancer therapy