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MA469 2014 Archive

The main MA469 page describes the Research Projects in detail, including the assessment criteria and the important dates. Once you have an agreed supervisor, they will be the primary source for guidance in your project, including your written report and oral presentation. Here some additional useful links are provided.

Useful links

  • Project titles offered by staff in 2014-2015. (You may also have a look at the past years' lists available in the links below.)
  • Latex template for written reports. (Note, this is the Latex template Maths-in-Action projects students must use and they are stricktly limited to 30 page reports. R-projects may be longer, with approval of the supervisor, but strictly no longer than 40 pages unless a special permission by the course organiser is obtained.)
  • Maths-in-Action Project Guide. While that guide is aimed at Maths-in-Action Projects, much of the information about writing a Scholarly Report is applicable to the R-Projects as well.
  • Tips on posters and talks.

Links to past projects