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Josha Box


About me

I am currently a first year PhD student in Number Theory at Warwick under the supervision of Prof. Samir Siksek.

My origins lie in Amsterdam, where I completed my MSc in Mathematics in 2017 at the University of Amsterdam. In between the two MSc years, I took a year off to do Part III in Cambridge.

Research interests

At the moment I am looking at possible ways to determine equations of birational models for Hilbert modular surfaces. More generally I am interested in arithmetic geometry and Diophantine equations.

Links to my work

2017: Height Bounds for Mordell equations using Modularity (master's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Sander Dahmen, pdf  )

2016: Bounded Intervals Containing Primes (Part III essay under the supervision of Dr. Adam Harper, pdf  )

2014: An Introduction to Skolem's p-adic Method for solving Thue Equations (Bachelor's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Sander Dahmen, pdf  )


Currently, I am a teaching assistant for MA3D5 Galois Theory in Warwick.

Before that, I have taught the courses Basiswiskunde, Analyse op de Lijn, Analyse van R naar R^n, Analyse op R^n, Algebra 1 and Training Internationale Studentenwiskundecompetitie at the University of Amsterdam. For the latter course, a preparation for the IMC, I have written lecture notes (in Dutch) together with Iris Smit.


E-mail: J.Box *at*

My office in the maths department in Warwick is B0.15.