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Daofei Zhang

About me


My name is Daofei ZHANG, from Jiangxi Province, China. I am currently a first-year PhD student of Prof. Mark Pollicott.

Email: Daofei dot Zhang at warwick dot ac dot uk


09/2013-06/2017 BSc Jiaxing University Mathematics and Applied Mathematics  
09/2017-07/2020 MSc Soochow University

Mathematics: Smooth Dynamical System

Supervisor: Dawei Yang

Research interests

My research is mainly to use a tool called transfer operator to study dynamical systems with some hyperbolicity. I am currently working on rate of mixing and equidistribution for circle extensions of expanding semi-flows, and apply this abstract model to circle extensions of Anosov flows. Besides, I am learning about dimension theory under some notes from Prof. Mark Pollicott.