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Dr Josephine Evans

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Dr Josephine Evans

Warwick Zeeman Lecturer

Office: B1.18


Teaching Responsibilities 2021/21:

Term 1: MA359: Measure theory

Research Interests: Analysis of PDE, kinetic theory, Functional Inequalities

Most information about my research is on my personal Homepage:

Contacting me guide:

If you get as mysteriously stuck emailing lecturers as I used to here is some useful information.

  • I'm happy to be contacted either by email or teams chat. Email is easier to keep track of if you have a query that will take me more than 30 seconds to respond to.
  • Sometimes I forget about emails/teams chats so if I haven't responded in a few days feel free to email me again.
  • My preferred way for you to start and email is with Dear Jo/Dear Dr. Evans. I don't particularly mind if you say something else.
  • I can never think of subject lines here are some suggested ones: Question about measure theory/Question about theorem 12.1 in the notes/Probably typo in lecture notes/Potential R-project supervision/Potential URSS project supervision.
  • I will reply to you with whatever name you sign of with so sign your emails how you prefer to be called.