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Online seminars at Warwick and beyond


Applied Mathematics Seminar - 12pm Friday via MS Teams. Please see the webpage for the Teams link.

Combinatorics - 2pm Wednesday via Zoom. Please see the webpage for the link (open to all).

DIMAP (Discrete Mathematics) - 2pm Tuesday via Zoom. Please see the webpage for the link (open to all).

Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick (MIR@W) - short workshops held on Mondays. Please see the webpage for details and instructions.

One World IAMP Mathematical Physics Seminar (co-organised by Daniel Ueltschi) - 2pm Tuesday via Zoom. Open to all, links on the webapge.


Algebraic Geometry - 2pm Tuesday via Zoom. Please register on the webpage.

Algebraic Topology - 4pm Tuesday via Teams. Please see the webpage for details.

Arithmetic Geometry and Quantum Field Theory - 8pm Wednesday. Please contact Minhyong Kim for details.

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems - 2pm Tuesday via Zoom. Open to all. Link on webpage before the seminar.

Geometry and Topology - 4pm Tuesday via Zoom. Open to all. Zoom link available on the webpage.

Number Theory - 3pm Monday via Zoom. Please contact one of the organisers for the link.

Probability - 4pm Wednesday via Zoom. Link posted on webpage 30 minutes before the seminar.

DEPARTMENTAL COLLOQUIUM - 4pm on Friday via Zoom. Link sent by email beforehand.


  12pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 8pm


(MIR@W days)


Number Theory


Algebraic Geometry



OW Math Physics


Geometry & Topology

Algebraic Topology

Wednesday   Combinatorics   Probability Arithmetic Geometry & QFT
Friday Applied Maths     Departmental Colloquium  


Algebraic Geometry seminars (list hosted by COW)

Combinatorics seminars (list hosted by Princeton)

Dynamical systems seminars (list from Richard Sharp)

eCHT Seminar (electronic Computational Homotopy Theory) run by Dan Isaksen in Wayne State

Fluid Mechanics (hosted by Cambridge/JFM) - Friday 4pm - clashes with our colloquium but talks are recorded

Geometric Representation Theory at Home (fairly exhaustive list)

Number Theory Web Seminar

One-World Optimisation Seminar - Monday 2pm

Tel Aviv Number Theory Seminar

Webinar in Additive Combinatorics

One-World PDE Seminar - Tuesday 3pm & 4pm