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Topics and Exercises

1 Introduction to cohomology, Universal coefficient theorem for cohomology
2 Cohomology of spaces, applications of Universal coefficient theorem
3 Cellular cohomology, cup product, cohomology rings of RP^2 and T^2
4 Graded commutativity of cup product, tensor product of graded rings, Kunneth theorem
5 Proof of Kunneth theorem, cohomology of real projective space
6 Cohomology of projective spaces, applications, Manifolds and orientations
7 Fundamental class of an oriented closed manifold, cap product
8 Relative cap product, cohomology with compact supports, direct limits, PD map
9 Proof of Poincare duality, application to Euler characteristic
More applications of PD: recognizing manifolds, middle-dimensional bilinear forms, Lefschetz duality


Exam from MA3H60

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