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George Kontogeorgiou


I am a third-year PhD student supervised by Agelos Georgakopoulos.

Academic Background

I obtained my BSc in Mathematics from the University of Athens in 2019. My (unofficial) advisor was Dimitrios M. Thilikos. Here is my CV.

Research Interests

I am mainly interested in combinatorics and graph theory, especially structural and topological graph theory.


During my time in Warwick, I have been a TA for the following classes: Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics and its Applications I & II, Graph Theory. I have compiled a collection of standard problems aimed at students who are taking their first class in discrete mathematics.

I have also delivered preparatory lectures for mathematical competitions, both in Athens and in Warwick. I was the deputy leader of the University of Warwick team for IMC 2020 and IMC 2021.

Conferences & Schools

YGGT X, July 2021

ICALP, July 2021

British Combinatorial Conference, July 2021

Young Researchers in Mathematics, June 2021

Polytopics, April 2021

Probabilistic Combinatorics Online, November 2020

Introduction to graph limits - Eotvos Lorand University summer school, June 2018


Trees of Intermediate Growth - Warwick Mathematics Postgraduate Seminar, April 2022

Equivariant Cayley Complex Embeddings - Warwick Combinatorics Seminar, December 2021

Equivariant Cayley Complex Embeddings - LMS Graduate Meeting, November 2021

Equivariant Cayley Complex Embeddings - YGGT X, July 2021

Haystack Hunting Hints and Locker Room Communication - ICALP, July 2021

Combinatorial Communication in the Locker Room - Young Researchers in Mathematics, June 2021

Yet Another Locker Problem - Warwick Mathematics Postgraduate Seminar, October 2020

Bidimensionality: What's It Good For? - Warwick-Imperial Autumn Meeting, November 2019


2. Czumaj, A., Kontogeorgiou, G., & Paterson, M. (2020), Haystack Hunting Hints and Locker Room Communication, ICALP 2021, to appear in Random Structures & Algorithms (pdf)

1. Kirousis, L., & Kontogeorgiou, G. (2018).102.18 The probleme des menages revisited. The Mathematical Gazette, 102(553), 147-149. doi:10.1017/mag.2018.27 (pdf)


Undergraduate: A proof of the (1,2g)-self-duality of branchwidth (pdf)

Kavala, on the Citadel