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Isogeny-based Cryptography Study Group

During Autumn Term 2022, the number theory group runs a study group on Isogeny-based Cryptography.

We follow the isogeny school organized by Chloe Martindale and Christophe Petit in 2020 (link). For more details about the specific content contact Diana Mocanu.

When and where: Fridays from 1-2 pm in B3.03.

Topic Speaker Date
Introduction and plan for the study group Diana Mocanu 7th October
Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields Alexandros Groutides 14th October
Class Group Ideals Kenji Terao 21st October
SIDH and CSIDH Maryam Nowroozi 28th October
Quaternion Algebras (and Eichler Orders) Arshay Sheth 4th November
KLPT James Rawson 11th November
Torsion Points attacks on SIDH Katerina Santicola 18th November
An Efficient Key Recovery Attack on SIDH Muhammad Manji 25th November
Hyperelliptic Curves and their Jacobians Alvaro Gonzalez Hernandez 2nd December
Genus 2 Isogeny Cryptography Robin Visser 9th December