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Robin Visser

I am a third year PhD student in algebraic number theory, under the supervision of Prof. Samir Siksek. My current research interests include studying both elliptic and hyperelliptic curves and their Jacobians, although I've also enjoyed playing around with various aspects of computational and analytic number theory.

E-mail address:

Background: After finishing my B.Sc. (Hons) degree at Stellenbosch University in 2018, I completed my MASt (Part III) at the University of Cambridge in 2020, where I also wrote a short essay on large prime gaps. For more information on my background, see my CV.




  • Gaps between primes (slides), October 2023.
  • Abelian surfaces with good reduction away from 2 (slides), September 2023.
  • Kronecker's limit formula and L-functions of elliptic curves with CM (Euler Systems seminar) (notes), September 2023.
  • Curves with few bad primes over cyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_\ell$-extensions (slides), July 2023.
  • A survey of applications to Matomäki-Radziwiłł's theorem (slides), March 2023.
  • Genus 2 Isogeny Cryptography (slides), December 2022.
  • Eichler-Shimura and the Shimura representation (Mazur's Torsion Theorem) (linkLink opens in a new window), November 2022.
  • Sums of three cubes (slides), November 2022.
  • Hilbert's Tenth Problem (slides), October 2022.
  • Jacobians (Mazur's Torsion Theorem) (linkLink opens in a new window), May 2022.
  • Cluster pictures for hyperelliptic curves (slides), May 2022.
  • A proof of Bary-Soroker & Kozma’s irreducibility theorem (slides), February 2022.