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Professor Oleg Pikhurko


   Oleg P  

Professor Oleg Pikhurko

Professor of Mathematics
Office: B2.12
Email: O dot Pikhurko at warwick dot ac dot uk

Personal Web Page

Research Interests: Extremal combinatorics and graph theory; descriptive combinatorics; graph limits, random structures; algebraic, analytic and probabilistic methods in discrete mathematics.

Selected recent publications

(with J.Grebik) Measurable versions of Vizing's theorem, Advances in Mathematics, 374 (2020) Paper 107378, 40pp

(with H.Liu and K.Staden) The exact minimum number of triangles in graphs of given order and size, Forum of Mathematics Pi, 8 (2020) Paper e8, 144pp

(with J.Kim, H.Liu and M.Sharifzadeh) Asymptotic Structure for the Clique Density Theorem, Discrete Analysis, (2020) Paper 19, 26pp

(with L.Grabowski and A.Mathe) Measurable circle squaring, Annals of Mathematics, 185 (2017) 671-710