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James Palmer

About Me

I am an MSc Mathematics student from Bristol, I completed my BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy here at Warwick. Aside from mathematics, I have a wide range of interests. I’ve previously held an exec position in the Philosophy society, Warwick A.I. society as well as edited for the film section of the student paper, The Boar. Currently, I’m on the exec for the Maths society. I also enjoy a number of strategy games, from Football Manager to chess to trading card games and poker.

Academic Interests

Within Mathematics, I have developed a keen interest in Probability Theory and Stochastics, as well as interests in the foundations of mathematics and computability. The former is a great example of how even topics in “pure” maths such as Measure Theory and Functional Analysis can end up being incredibly helpful to professionals in industry who are modelling uncertainty.

The latter I enjoy due to my philosophy background and what it can tell us about the limits of our reasoning, as well as how it lets us implement advanced mathematics into computer algorithms as well. As such, A.I. and its applications also interest me, hence I am taking modules from Computer Science in Natural Language Processing and Computational Biology.

Talks and Seminars

I am a regular attendee of the probability theory and applied mathematics seminar groups at Warwick.

I’ve previously given a talk to the Warwick Maths Society regarding Constructivist Mathematics and how it is used as a foundation in proof-verification software.


Currently, I supervise for all 15 first year Mathematics and Philosophy students, I am a teaching assistant for Consolidation (MA2K3) and a marker for MA359 Measure Theory. I also run “Maths Café” for the Warwick Maths Society where I help students from all years in any material that they are struggling with. As the year progresses, I will be giving revision lectures in this material for the society as well.


Feel free to email me at, you may also find me in Zeeman in C1.03.