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Junior Warwick-Imperial-Cambridge Geometric analysis Seminar 2013

9 - 10 December 2013

To be held at the University of Warwick


Organisers: A. Deruelle, B. Krummel, B. Sharp, + P. Topping


9 December

Unless otherwise stated below, all events today will take place in MS.01

12.00 Lunch Mathematics Common Room
1.00 Alix Deruelle (Warwick) Stability of non compact Steady and Expanding Gradient Ricci Solutions
1.50 Ezequiel Rodrigues (Imperial) Upper Bounds for the Width of Compact Riemannian Manifolds
2.45 Coffee Mathematics Common Room
3.20 Shiwu Yang (Cambridge) The Geodesic hypothesis in general relativity
4.10 Brian Krummel (Cambridge) Structure of branch sets of harmonic functions and minimal submanifolds
5.00 Discussion  
6.00 Minibus to Kenilworth  
7.30 Dinner Loch Fyne, Kenilworth

10 December

All events today will take place in B3.03

9.30 Heudson Mirandola (Imperial) The ADM mass for graphical manifold
10.20 Panagiotis Gianniotis (Warwick) Boundary estimates for the Ricci flow
11.10 Ben Sharp (Imperial) Interior and free boundary regularity fo Dirac-harmonic maps, harmonic maps and related PDE