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Benedict Sewell

Good day and welcome.

I am a first year PhD student supervised by Mark Pollicott (from October 2017).

This currently involves a healthy mixture of teaching and research; read on!

Current situation

At this stage (as to be expected), I am currently developing language and machinery with a view to refining an interesting problem fitting of a thesis.

Current interests are large and various; but at the moment the general direction is towards Ergodic Theory/Dynamical Systems, with a particular interest for applying these theories to problems in hyperbolic geometry (and other situations of possibly variable negative curvature).

In line with the above I am currently reading "The Green Book:"
Ergodic Theory, Symbolic Dynamics and Hyperbolic Spaces (Bedford, Keane, Series [Eds.] 1991)

Qualifications so far

Graduated July 2017 with the MMath from the University of Warwick.

Events Attended

LMS-CMI Research School: Introduction to geometry, dynamics, and moduli in low dimensions. 

(Organisers: Javier Aramayona, Saul Schleimer, John Smillie; September 2017)


Current Responsibilities and Past Experience

2016 - 17 (4th year MMath student at the University of Warwick)

Supervisor of one group (5 students in total.)

Secondary school teaching placement (10 days at Rugby High School, as part of module IE3E1.)

Tutor (1 student) for Linear Algebra (MA106) retake.

2017 - 18 (1st year PhD student at the University of Warwick)

Supervisor of two groups (10 students in total.)

Analysis 1 (MA131, pt 1) Class Teacher.

Analysis 2 (MA131, pt 2) Support Class.Teacher.

Fractal Geometry (MA3D4) Support Class Teacher.