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Benedict Sewell - teaching

Current Responsibilities and Past Experience

Over the past few years at Warwick I have gained practical and theoretical experience in teaching. Below I list the jobs that I have done to date. To the side I include some helpful documents for (pre)undergraduate students.

Paid Teaching Roles

2019-2020 (This current academic year)

My teaching projects for this next year are yet to be determined.

2018-19 (2nd year PhD student at the University of Warwick)

I mostly did work for the Advanced Maths Support Program working with motivated A-level students. My roles included:

  • Teaching Assistant for AMSP afternoon problem sessions.
  • Teaching Assistant for STEP support days at Warwick.
  • Tutor to a group of 10 A-level students as part of the MEI programme, Problem Solving Matters.

I was also a Support Class Teacher for the module Riemann Surfaces (MA475).

2017 - 18 (1st year PhD student at the University of Warwick)
  • Supervisor of two first year groups (10 students in total).
  • Analysis 1 (MA131, pt 1) Class Teacher.
  • Analysis 2 (MA131, pt 2) Support Class Teacher.
  • Fractal Geometry (MA3D4) Support Class Teacher.
2016 - 17 (4th year MMath student at the University of Warwick)
  • Supervisor of one first year group (5 students in total; based at the Statistics department).
  • Secondary school teaching placement (10 days at Rugby High School, as part of module IE3E1).
  • Online tutor (1 first year student) for Linear Algebra (MA106) retake.

Yin yang design

Various links and files

Helpful advice for UG students

  What to read up on
(before you start your first year).

  How to read proofs

The Self-Explanation strategy

  What to read up on
(in between first and second year).

  Interested in PhD: What to do?

(some advice for students interested in pursuing [maths] PhD's).

Other links for my students

Analysis 1:

  Playing with graphs of sequences

Fractal geometry:

  Ternary and the Cantor Set

Hyperbolic Geometry:

Graeme Wilkin's geometry page:

Geogebra play with Euclid-style constructions; works up to contructions in the Poincaré disk model of the hyperbolic plane.