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Benedict Sewell's contact details

There are various ways to get in touch with me, depending on the nature of your intentions.

Please note I can be slow to respond to emails if I am away at conferences or on retreat.


This is the best method if you are contacting me regarding business matters and would like a speedy reply.


My email address is what you get writing first b.sewell and then .

It doesn't matter if the b or the s are capitalised or not, but all other letters should be in lower case.

I.e. if you read it out loud, you might say something like:

"Bee Dot Sewell At Warwick Dot Ay Cee Dot You Kay."

(You can hear Google translate saying this expression here.)


Please contact the department or contact me directly if you wish to know my mobile phone number.


I have a great fondness for letters, especially of a handwritten nature.

You can send me a letter via the Mathematics Institute.

Your envelope could read something like:

Benedict Sewell, PhD student

Mathematics Institute

University of Warwick

Coventry, West Midlands

United Kingdom


I would be overjoyed to recieve a letter from you whatever your intention, and will always endeavour to respond in writing.

Benedict Sewell: MMath graduation July 2017